Office 365 Integration

Lets get your business connected

Increase your business productivity

Take the stress out of implementing Office 365 into your business. We can take care of the whole process for you, from advising the best fit products for you, to implementing & configuring. Reap the benefits of Office 365 without the hassle of setting up yourself.

Boost-IT Services will help you progress your business by configuring the products you choose, to work alongside your current business processes. We will then be available to help support you throughout any configuration or future changes needed.

Seemless Office 365 Connectivity


Utilise Office 365 applications, such as Outlook and Teams to collaborate both interally and externally.


Schedule meetings, create tasks, design engaging presentations. Office 365 makes planning easy.

Storage & Sharing

A secure and convenient place for all your business documents. OneDrive and SharePoint have you covered.


Communicate effectively with potential and current clients

At Boost, we understand the importance of communication; both between you and your colleagues and you and your customers. Microsoft provide the tools you need to do this effectively.

Office 365 is integral to our own business so if you want to know more about how you could benefit, get in touch!


A secure and intuitive email client that allows effortless communication.


Instant messaging, video calling, and web conferencing capabilities.


Success stems from well-designed plans

Meetings, tasks and events can be hard to juggle. Take the weight off your shoulders and allow Office 365 to manage everything.


Add extra functions on your website for buttery-smooth interactions with your customers.


Feel free to look around our competitors. Our pricing ensures all our customers get a great deal.

Get your business online in style

Start your journey to a strong online presence with Boost now.

Storage & Sharing

A safe and plentiful storage space

Looking for a place to securely store all your business documents? OneDrive and SharePoint offer huge potential for not only storage, but for collaboration both internally and externally from your business.


A secure personal storage location perfect for non-collaborative work.


A great place to work collaboratively and store business documents.

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